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This post was so funny, but in the end it sounds like you did a great job handling this question! How did you explain it? Now I'm scared Erik is going to pop the question one day. LOL.

KJ and the Kids

Syd saw these pictures this morning when I pulled up your blog and said, "ooooh, look how cute. Can we video Lucille and show her to them ?" :)
Our Lucille will eat 24 crickets in a sitting. Seriously.

Way to go on the birds and the bees.
I've heard it said to answer only the question asked. We tend to go beyond what is needed in the conversation. I can see myself doing that. :) and to use the correct terms.

I'm scared to have the question presented...."if a man puts a penis inside of a woman....what does a woman put inside of a woman"
yip. go ahead and call your friend/coach person and get the answer to tell the rest of us. aye ?

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