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One-Line Bio


so you wanna know a little bit about us.

me = mel

mel = wife, mother, daughter, sister, geek, aquarian, red head, cook, gardener, decoupage-er.

it's not just me. there's me, amy, ryan and ivy.

me = mel
amy = wife (mine)
ryan = daughter (human)
ivy = daughter (canine)

i write. amy edits. and comments. on other people's blogs. this confuses some. just remember, mel = red head = writer.

so what do i write about? started out 100% focused on ryan. it was the ryan blog: RAZ-ma-taz. RAZ = her initials. -ma-taz just sounded good. we started this blog as a way to easily share updates and pictures with our family. over time i've tried to expand my content to other topics.

so, enjoy the stories. hopefully some of them will be entertaining. if not, at least enjoy the pictures. we've got one cute kid!